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L'OSS à la COP 21

An OSS delegation will take part in COP 21 UNFCCC to take place in Paris on 30 November-11 December 2015. [Read the press release] 

OSS’s interventions in the Conference will highlight the importance of strengthening the resilience of African populations and mobilizing adequate financial resources for adaptation to climate change and will discuss the potential of green growth in the continent.

The transition to the green economy and the adoption of new paradigms for sustainable natural resources management constitute an opportunity for combating climate change while ensuring sustainable development.

Side-events organized by OSS 

  • Presentation of the Green Economy in Africa Programme (EVA) and panel discussion on related challenges in the region" [Download flyer], 1 December 2015, 3 p.m., Pavilion OIE
    ​The opening of this side-event will be ensured by the Director of the IFDD and will be followed by the presentation of OSS Executive Secretary, who will present the EVA Program, which aims to strengthen the capacities of African francophone countries in implementing the green economy and integrating green policies in their national development strategies. 
  • "Groundwater in the Sahara and Sahel Region, an important resource in adaptation to climate change" [Download flyer], 2 December 2015 at 1 p.m., Room 1 (Civil Society Space) 
    This side-event will be organized as a part of the “Water and Climate” international campaign conducted by World Water Council. ​
  • "Common Challenges and opportunities of the Sahara and Sahel Region facing climate Change” [Download flyer], 4 December 2015 at 3 p.m., Room 6, Blue zone. 
    This side-event will be organized jointly with the World Deserts Foundation (FDM). It aims to highlight the common challenges and opportunities of the Sahara and Sahel region.​

​​Scheduled OSS interventions

  • " Addressing severe droughts caused by climate change​",2 December 2015, starting at 17:45 in Room 10 (Bourget).
    This event will be organized by the French Water Partnership (PFE). Mr. Khatim Kherraz, OSS Executive Secretary, will moderate the discussion. ​
  • “Defining Actions for adaptation to climate change in the field of water”, 4 December 2015, starting at 15h00 in Blue Pavilion (Bourget). 
    This event will be organized by the OCDE. An OSS representative will sit on the Panel to share the Organization’s experience in the field of climate Change adaptation in the Sahara and Sahel region. ​
  • 14th session of the TerrAfrica Executive Committee meeting    

OSS Information Booths

Two information booths will be put in place at COP 21 to provide visitors with information about OSS and its projects: the first can be found in the Conference’s official space (Blue zone), while the second will be located in the civil society space where short films on OSS projects and their results will be screened.  


If you have any queries, please  write to oss-cop21@oss.org.tn  .   

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