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Strengthening disaster resilience in the Sahel

OSS took part in a joint regional preparatory workshop on the PRECA-SAHEL (Disaster Resilience in the Sahel) project. The workshop was held on 17-19 September 2014 at the AGRHYMET headquarters in Niamey (Niger).

The PRECA-SAHEL project, which is funded by the World Bank in support of six Sahelian countries, namely Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, and Chad, will be implemented jointly by OSS, CILSS/AGRHYMET and ACMAD.

With a total budget amounting to 100 million US dollars, the six-year project aims to increase the Sahelian populations’ resilience to disasters, notably those caused by extreme weather events, by strengthening the capacity of national and regional institutions in charge of water resources management, disasters management and meteorology.

During the workshop, the OSS representative highlighted the importance of cooperation among the countries of the Sahel region, regional organizations and technical and financial partners. He underscored OSS experience in water resources management and in building and increasing the capacities of institutions in charge of hydrology, hydrogeology and environmental monitoring in the Sahel. 

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