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Raising awareness about climate change in Mali

An awareness-raising day on climate change impacts and adaptation options took place on 20 November 2013 in Missira, a village located 200 km from Bamako in Mali’s Baoulé region, which hosts one of the three OSS observatories in the country.

Aimed at the Missira community, the event saw the presence of the mayor and a number of Malian journalists. An open debate with the Missira community members was followed by a tree-planting campaign. The activities were conducted as part of the REPSAHEL project.

The debate aimed to provide accessible information and improve knowledge on climate change, its impacts, and alternative options that may help the Missira community improve livelihoods and strengthen resilience.

The planting campaign, which took place in the primary school of Missira, saw school pupils plant around one hundred trees of varieties selected by the OPNBB. The AEDD (l’Agence de l’Environment and Développement Durable) pledged to ensure the maintenance of the newly planted trees.

The drawing competition provided the pupils with an opportunity to express their views on the importance of trees and, more broadly, the environment. The best drawings were rewarded with symbolic gifts, while all the pupils received school stationery. This session was followed by the presentation of posters elaborated in Bambara on various climate-change-related issues.

The REPSAHEL project aims to equip West-African countries and sub-regional organizations with environmental monitoring observation tools to underpin their development strategies while focusing on agro-forestry-pastoral activities and natural resource management programs.

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