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OSS accredited as Regional Implementing Entity for the Adaptation Fund

The 21st session of the Adaptation Fund Board, which was held in Bonn (Germany) on 3-4 July 2013, adopted Decision B21/1 pertaining to the accreditation of the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) – a Tunis-based intergovernmental organization operating in the Sahara-Sahel region – as a Regional Implementing Entity for the Adaptation Fund.

The independent Accreditation Panel, which recommended the Sahara and Sahel Observatory’s accreditation to the Adaptation Fund Board, examined the organizations' procedures, notably aspects pertaining to governance, financial management (integrity, transparency and adherence to international standards). The Panel’s report notes, in particular, that “OSS is strong on the project management cycle including the budgeting and financial aspects. Independent audits and evaluations confirm this”. The report also indicates that “OSS has demonstrated that it meets the Fiduciary Standards of the Adaptation Fund”.

The accreditation of OSS as a Regional Implementing Entity for the Adaptation Fund is a successful outcome of the procedure-enhancement and upgrade process undertaken by the organization. It also marks the beginning of a new momentum in the Sahara and Sahel Observatory’s work for the benefit of its 23 member countries. In practice, this means that the organization will seek to strengthen climate change adaptation in the Sahara-Sahel region and to improve access of its member countries to the Adaptation Fund.

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