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Echoes of OSS’s side Event at COP11

OSS’s side-event at the eleventh Conference of Parties to the UNCCD took place on 26 September 2013 and saw the presence of Mr Adamou CHAIFOU, Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Niger and Chairman of the OSS Executive Board.

The presentations highlighted the outputs achieved by OSS and its member countries in terms of environmental monitoring applied to rational natural resources management and sustainable development. The Nigerian experience in the environmental monitoring field was presented by Mr. Issoufou Sama WATA, the Director General of the Centre National de Surveillance Ecologique et Environnementale (CNSEE).


The presentations were followed by a discussion on the possibilities of strengthening the implementation of the Convention to Combat Desertification in OSS’s member countries through capacity building and monitoring-evaluation of action programs.


The recommendations that emerged from the side event include:

• strengthening the communication and capacity-building activities, especially within the frameowrk of the REPSAHEL project ;

• ensuring the continued existence of the ROSELT/OSS observatories as research laboratories, observation sites and monitoring instruments for environmental change;

• fostering the South-South partnership by promoting African expertise.


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