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Birth of the First Environmental Observatory in Chad

Chad's first environmental monitoring observatory has been launched. Located in the sub-prefecture of Mani, the observatory’s demarcation was carried out by national experts from the Ministry of the Environment  (Ministère de l’Environnement et des Ressources halieutiques) in Chad and the Centre d’Appui à la Recherche on 11 December 2013, in the presence of an OSS team.

Launched within the framework of the REPSAHEL project, the new observatory aims to strengthen the regional observation network established by OSS and its member countries. It will enable  the observation and assessment of the status and evolution of the local ecosystem. The new observatory’s monitoring activities integrate both ecological and socioeconomic dimensions. The selected zone is representative of the main biophysical attributes and local environmental issues, notably land degradation.

An awareness-raising workshop was also organized on the same day in the neighboring village of Dougia. The OSS team and Chadian partners explained the rationale and objectives of the new observatory to members of the community. Youth from the village took part in the demarcation activities as a token of their interest and willingness to take part in the planned activities.

The monitoring activities are expected to enhance the ability to understand and foresee environmental changes by taking appropriate resilience-strengthening measures in a timely fashion.


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