Acting together for a sustainable agricultural use of groundwater : The OSS marks the ‘World Water Day 2021’


The Sahara and Sahel Observatory took part in the event organized by the French Development Agency - AFD, on the occasion of the World Water Day on "Acting Together for a Sustainable Agricultural Use of Groundwater". The event mainly aimed at promoting approaches limiting the degradation & overexploitation of groundwater through information & decision-making support documents developed by the AFD.

The presentation of Mr. Abdel Kader DODO, representative of the OSS & Coordinator of the Water Department, focused on “Shared groundwater resources in the Sahara & Sahel regions: Exploitation & governance”. It specifically put the stress on the OSS actions in the management of shared groundwater resources through consultation mechanisms on transboundary aquifers (North Western Sahara Aquifer System & Iullemeden-Taoudeni/Tanezrouft Aquifer System). The World Water Day’s topic for this year is ‘valuing water’ and calls to take action and to pay particular attention to the importance of water for all its uses.

As part of its 2030 strategy & through its water component, the OSS works with its partners to contribute to meeting the water needs of populations & to the sustainable management of the resources.

Its action aims in particular to:

  • Improve & strengthen knowledge of groundwater & surface water resources;
  • Contribute to the establishment of planning tools;
  • Encourage & support integrated, coordinated & sustainable water resources management policies;
  • Contribute to the improvement & sustainability of the shared water resources governance.

We all have the responsibility to value the importance of water & to take action to preserve such a vital resource.