120th Anniversary of the Institut National Agronomique de Tunisie : OSS takes part to the International Scientific Symposium on Agriculture and fisheries in Africa and the Mediterranean region,Tunis, 17-19 october 2018


The OSS participates in the Scientific Symposium of the Institut National Agronomique de Tunisie - INAT, special edition 120 years, in the framework of a panel discussion on the theme: Cooperation in Africa for agricultural transformation and investment in the agricultural sector and Water.

This symposium aims to bring together scientists in various disciplines related to Agronomy to exchange ideas and share research findings in order to enhance collaborative research. 

The interventions of this meeting, targeting teachers, researchers and professionals in the sector, are related to:
- The state of the art in Africa and the Mediterranean.
- Summaries on current scientific knowledge related to agronomic themes and more particularly those related to Sustainability.
- Research work presented by researchers in the agronomic field.
The topics of this Symposium are organized according to the following scientific sessions:

 - Focus Area 1- Biodiversity, Conservation and Valorization of terrestrial and marine resources 
 - Focus Area 2- Local Development and Sustainability of Production Systems 
 - Focus Area 3- Smart Agriculture and Food Security 
 - Focus Area 4- Bioenergy, Environment and Climate change. 

INAT is a partner of choice for the OSS in Tunisia, and has strongly contributed to OSS activities, especially in the framework of environmental monitoring observatories in Tunisia.